Who Gives a Scrap?

Has one of these creative reuse, recycle, upcycle CRAFT stores popped up near you yet?  Oh my goodness, I visited this one today and it was like heaven!
It was as if you were in the sewing/crafting section of your favorite thrift shop and found something amazing for pennies...except, EVERYTHING was amazing and everything costed pennies!
I spent a total of $6 and got all of this:
Vintage Hallmark embossed wrapping paper - perfect for Valentines! - an unopened vintage tissue roses kit, beautiful old card box, NIP Dept. 56 garland...
 a bride and groom cake topper that I've been looking for for a project, pretty old pin box...
 3 yards of fabric with finished edges -- perfect to make table runners from...
 and a bag of all these finished quilt squares, plus extra pieces...
someone worked very hard on these, and most of the fabric is raw silk.  I'm thinking pretty pumpkins!
Not shown: a stack lovely blue deckled writing paper, some large mailing envelopes, and four little scarecrows for Fall decorating.  All for that $6!

I only took a few photos inside because I was so busy looking at all the great stuff -- but they had it all: fabric, findings, beads, yarn, wood, glass, paper, antiques to re-purpose, etc. etc. etc.  I could easily have spent all day there!
Check out the adorable signs on the bins of vintage textiles!
Everyone there was really nice!
And, yes, of course there were buttons!

The shop accepts donations and the proceeds go to a local youth symphony program!  I love it that I now have somewhere to take my destash crafts and vintage-y things where I know they'll be treasured and appreciated!

That, and al fresco lunch out treated by Rebecca, made for a fabulous Saturday!  I hope you're having a great weekend, too!


Marrianna said…
OMG!!! Score. Nothing like that here unless it is in my own garage sale which is coming soon! Can't wait to clean out all the "stuff" that is just holding me down. Might even have to sell some EBay and Etsy. What fun for you.
Kelli Davidson said…
Looks like loads of fun! I've never heard of these kinds of stores but there sure is a need for them!!
Linda said…
Okay Laurie, now you've gone and done it...MADE ME ENVIOUS...that is. Wow is all I can say, and truth be known if it were me in that store, well I would have to plead not responsible for my actions... But, thanks for a trip through the store :)

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