Friday, March 24, 2017

An Indoor Garage Sale

Last weekend my town had an indoor garage sale.  I had to go check it out; Dennis came with me.
It was pretty chaotic, with lots of vendors all willy-nilly; it took us about 2-1/2 hours to get through it, and that was going really, really fast!
 My pal Kathy was selling there; it was great to see her.  Yes, I know: we look very color coordinated
I think this was perhaps the most interesting thing I saw there; I'd never seen a pet wheel like that before!
There were some "new" things there, too -- like this gal who makes jewelry out of antique buttons!  She was nervous to let me take a photo, until I told her I had a button blog.
I was so happy with my purchases: first, this unusual and very beautiful vintage beaded belt.

I love the detail so much that I could hardly bear to put it up for sale in my Etsy shop.  Alas, I need the money more than I need the feel of weighty beads on velvet in my hands!
It's listed here in my Etsy shop.
This was another of my favorite finds: a gorgeous watercolor painting.  The woman I got it from said it was by a New Mexico artist; I haven't had time to look her up yet, though.  It's not framed but is very large and, I think, very worthy of framing!  I just cannot get over the colors.
This pretty button necklace also ended up in my shop.  It's a real bargain!
I had to get this big grab bag so I had something to look forward to going through...
 It contained lots of buttons,
 and lots of scraps of ribbon and lace...
all very nicely sorted by color!
From the same vendor, I bought all this ephemera: this is gorgeous, heavy weight letter pressed paper.
It will be so wonderful in my paper art!
 It came with these inserts too.
 And this Valentine; it has honeycombs on both sides, so it can be used as a centerpiece.

Then, I bought this chopped up page from a scrapbook; on the back, these fashionable ladies...
 and on the front, some lovely examples of advertising and calling cards.

Finally, I grabbed a few pages of a Life magazine:

You know I will have such fun with these; it was a very satisfying "junking" trip, and I hope you enjoyed seeing all the treasures as much as I liked showing you!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh wow! All that ephemera you got and the grab bag are all fabulous. Love the gorgeous beaded belt, too. Have a good weekend.

Kelli Davidson said...

What a great sale! That beaded belt is beautiful! I also loved the valentine - I collected vintage valentines having probably 100. My favorite was the piece on Sarah Burnhardt - It was fantastic.

in about 45 minutes I'm headed to a sale of a woman who used to own a fabric store...........There are going to be buttons, zippers, other notions and lots and lots of vintage fabric i n about 1 yard pieces. I hope the prices are good!! I will try to channel you when going through the buttons so I pick the best ones!!

Lorraine said...

Wow. You got some great finds. That looks like an amazing sale. No wonder it took you that long to get through. I know it was fun though!