Valentine's Day madness

I think Valentine's Day may be my favorite theme to create around, and it's coming up!  The other day I went with a friend to an antique store and they had a big box of valentines from the 1950s.  I almost didn't buy it, but at the last minute I couldn't resist.
They were obviously from the collection of a teacher back in the day, so most were "teacher" valentines.
Still with the wonderful graphics that make you smile!

There were also some more "formal" greeting cards that were valentines to teachers:

 I kep a few for myself, especially the ones I had many duplicates of, but otherwise I have listed all of the above teacher valentines in my Etsy shop already, in two different listings here and here.
 These were the ones I kept to use for crafts and just plain enjoyment!

I think this Hallmark one, very traditional, is my very favorite.  There was also a felt heart in the lot that was attached to a hair clip.
As a bonus, these hand made valentines were among the treasures!  Look at that cute depiction of lovers and cupid on the left -- complete with hand-torn edge!

Then, a glitter edged heart with a feather decorating it and a sentiment, Be mine please; but when you turn it over...
 you can see that the front tab was made from the cut out of a face, and underneath, the purely childish expression!  I love it so much!
 Here are the rest of the ones I kept to delight myself (non-teacher cards):

I especially like that last one -- the space age kid.  What is a space sled, anyway?
I wish I had gotten in on some valentine swaps or activities -- anyone doing any that you know of?


jeanniemc said…
Kim is hosting a swap at ArtJoyStuff.. I think it's still open... I know your tags would be beautiful.. her color is pink -- I think.. hugs Jeannie

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