Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

We are being tricked and teased by Mother Nature this "Spring"...once again indicative of this time of the year in the Rocky Mountains.  When I was in California two weeks ago I had a taste of the season: roses in bloom, hydrangea bushes bursting with flowers, and all kinds of color.  I came home to my own tender bulb flowers frozen in the ice and sleet.
Then, on Cinco de Mayo, we had a beautiful weather day -- highs in the 70's and sunshine!  I sat on the lawn chair in the backyard for the first time since last fall and planned dinner out of doors.  By dinner time, though, we were huddled in blankets, trying to brave the chill that had floated in with the clouds!
The same thing happened yesterday: Rebecca and I went to A Paris Street Market for the kick-off to the summer outdoor market season; it was sunny in Falcon and I wore a sundress.  But as we headed North to the market, the sun disappeared and the cold wind picked up; after about an hour of shopping and we had to run away to the car in a downpour!
The only thing I'd had time to buy at the market was this cute little collection of cocktail tags!

As soon as I saw them, I imagined how fun they'd be to use in paper art -- especially with 1950s era ads for liquor!
Today, the sun is out again, but I'm not getting fooled: I'm sure it will be chilly and maybe even rainy, especially since Dennis and Benjamin have planned to cook dinner outdoors for me tonight.
Ben made it home on Friday night, which really makes it feel as though summer is here!  I'm looking forward to having him around all through warm days and nights (I hope!) ahead!
Happy Mother'd Day to all my friends who are mothers; enjoy your day!

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Linda said...

Hi Laurie, nice, sunny and very windy and cool these days.... but..... no rain! All is right in my world also, and to think all it takes is a phone call from daughter wishing me a nice Happy Mother's Day. So glad you have Ben home making your world all right too.

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

Cheers, Linda.