I left my heart...

in San Francisco.  This time, for real. 
 Margaret's final resting place is lovely, and quite close to my parents.
The priest said all the right things, and I was comforted by his words, and by her family and friends.
 My friend Judy took great care of me.  The night of the funeral, we went to dinner and, at the request of Margaret's ex husband...
set a place for Margaret, with her favorite drink at it.
We toured around SF the next day, quietly remembering times with Margaret.
We also remembered Jane, who was a friend of Margaret, Judy and mine, and who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge when she was 20.
I'm back home now, and had hoped to feel some peace after the funeral, but it's not working out that way.  I should know by now that grief is unpredictable, and takes its own time.
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who wrote words of comfort on my last post.
I appreciate all of you.


So sorry for your loss, but glad for you that you were able to go to San Francisco to remember your friend, and spend time with her family and your other friends. Grief is hard, and can sneak up on you even after you think you've worked through it. Treat yourself with care.
Vintage Jane said…
I am so sorry to read of your sad loss. Take good care of yourself and allow the grief to come when you need to. xx
Sami said…
I had to go and read your previous post and wanted to convey my condolences on the loss of your childhood friend. How very sad that she died so young due to her bad life choices.
Lovely that you managed to go and say goodbye.
Linda said…
Laurie, you're such a beautiful, caring friend.

"Grief is the price we pay for love".
Grief is definitely a bumpy road; one that gets a little smoother as time passes but there's always little potholes along life's way that you may not see but you definitely feel. Take care.

This is always a very hard time in our lives and healing takes some a lot longer than others. I always take a long time to heal.
I best friend in grade school died within 3 months after us finding each other after looking for each other for years.Then she died of cancer. I am still heartbroken because I needed her friendship.

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