Textile love

Remember this wonderful sampler that Terri sent me?  I made it into a pillow:
You can't see the back, but I used a very favorite antique blue cloth I had never cut into before -- I was saving it for something special.  I would still like to find the perfect fancy trim for the edges, but didn't have one that was just right in my stash, so I will keep looking.
It makes me very happy when I see it sitting on my bed.
Something else that made me so happy: a surprise gift in the mail from Linda Sue!  The gift included this beautiful book, Vintage, A Winter's Tale.
 I opened the book and couldn't close it until I had looked at every single page of beautiful photos!
 It was full of everything I love...
and many things I didn't know I loved until right that moment!
The gift box was filled to the brim with beautiful old linens, too!
 intricately hand beaded...
 and perfectly pristine.  This one is going straight onto a pillow and will be on my sofa.
 The stitching is BEAUTIFUL!
 And buttons...
 wonderfully tatted runners...
as well as more for my Little Bo Peep obsession!
I love it all and feel very spoiled!
I have to tell you all about this wonderful film called The Quilted Conscience.  It's short but completely engrossing, telling the story of a group of Nebraska women who work on a story quilt project with Sudanese refugees.  The girls are all new to quilting and the quilters teach them to sew two squares each  -- one of memories from Sudan, and one of a future dream.  The resulting quilt is so beautiful it gave me chills!


Linda Sue said…
I do hope that the present made you feel a little bit better. I have not heard of the quilted conscience but sounds like I would appreciate it tremendously, thanks for sharing that! LOVE
Kathy said…
Oh.My.Gosh! What amazing happy mail and I know you will put every single thing to good use with your talent for the fabric books! You know I adore those blue buttons.
Love the pillow, and what wonderful gifts from your friend! It's all lovely, but the beaded piece and the crewel work on the chenille are amazing.

Thank you for sharing the information on the film. I watched the clip on YouTube and now want to see the full film.
Beautiful pillow, and my goodness, such a treasure trove of gifts just perfect for you. Thanks for sharing the video. Have a great week. Tammy
Linda said…
Very seldom am I speechless....but this post did it to me. OMG. What a treasure trove of great treasures. Love the sampler with the robin particularly. They are so darn versatile....hang'em on a wall, make a pillow, use them in one of your little hand-made books, and, who doesn't like "When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbing Along?". You sure do have some lovely thoughtful friends. Yea!

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