Family photos at Fox Run

We had a wonderful experience having our photos taken by J. Leigh Photography a few weeks ago; we did the photos at Fox Run Regional park here in Colorado.
It was a fun family event and the bonus was ending up with 50 beautiful photos of our family.
One of which will be going out with Ben's graduation announcements -- and, yes, I am freaking out as the clock clicks closer to that life-changing day.
Soon it will just be Dennis and I at home.  With that in mind, here's a little monogram I stitched on a vintage damask napkin; it's cheerily hanging in our master bath now.  Much more cheerily than I am at the prospect of our empty nest I must say!
Another little project: I covered a pillow with some beautiful antique bark cloth fabric; it's always hard to make a cut into old fabric but I'm always pleased with the results. 
More heart stitching while at work...
 I added three buttons (finally!) to the little heart I made a few months ago, above.
And I used some Moda sampler fabric to stitch two more hearts -- on the one above I added cross stitch to the A, L and M -- my pre-marriage initials -- and on the one below I stitched some pretty border stitches in matching green on one curve of the heart, just for fun.
I also created another Downton Abbey tag; this time, I selected buttons that made me think of Mary and Matthew as he was going off to war. The photo is from the scene of her saying goodbye at the train station.  Train station platform goodbyes are so poignant, aren't they?   I added a frame from an antique album as well as a bower of flowers from a piece of antique scrap.  And some washi tape and blue velvet trim.
At home, I've been rearranging my dining room.  I'll show you when it's finished (Spring fever!) Above, I mounted that cage "doll" I created on top of a silver toned candlestick for extra height.  I like the way it shows off the danglies.
So, that's some of what I've been up to, creatively, lately.  With my husband traveling a lot for work lately I'm lucky to make it to work and back and hold down the fort at home, much less get anything creative done.  Nevermind the aforementioned empty nest anticipation which is really hitting hard for some reason right now (whimper.)  


Kathy said…
Love all your creative projects and that is a wonderful family portrait.
Lovely to have a great family photo to cherish. Love all the things you have made, especially the Downton tag.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Love your new family portraits - such a nice family! And you know I always love your creations. Those little hearts are so sweet!
Lorraine said…
I love your family photo. Life does click by so fast. And your monogram stitching is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the doll cage also - very inspiring.
Marrianna said…
Laurie, everything you've shared today is lovely. I love the hearts especiall. I have been inspired to make some fabric hearts because of one of your previous posts. I don't know the size on yours but mine are about 4-5 inches across. Some are white lace and some are color fabrics. I even did a crazy quilt heart with a litle hand stitching. And it's all from from your blog posts as inspiration. Your family photo is wonderful. This will be a treasured moment for years to come. It might even help get you through the initial phase of the empty nest. I know you can do it. We are all here online in blogland to help and support you.
Linda said…
Inspiration at it's best! And...please take heart and know that your heart will be bursting after seeing what your son can (and will) accomplish as he turns into the person he's meant to be. Trust me, you'll be just as proud (or more) of him, knowing that you've prepared him well for his future. BTW, lovely family pic :)
Anonymous said…
Love the family photos and it's always fun to see what you have been up to creatively!
Abby / Linda said…
O, I love your stitched monogram!!

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