Scenes from my morning walks

I really appreciate living in Colorado, and I remember that more whenever the weather is nice and I'm out walking in my neighborhood.
I've been in a kind of a fitness funk ever since my Curves gym closed almost a year ago.  I have access to other work out rooms, but they require a level of self-discipline and lack the "community" feeling I used to get at Curves.  Do you know what I mean? I try to keep on top of exercising by swimming, walking, and taking the occasional Zumba or other dance type fitness class. 
Lately since Spring has made its appearance, I've been doing more walking.  It helps me a lot to be out of doors in the mornings since my full time job, which I start at noon, keeps me inside all the rest of the day.
I like having my phone with me on walks so I can take photos of whatever strikes me along the way.
The day I was taking these we had ice melting and I noticed this cool formation on the surface of the water that was draining from a pipe (above.)  Those squiggly white lines are ripples in the ice.
I'm interested to see what the Spring holds for us, weather-wise.  For now, the snow tires are staying put on my car!


Kathy said…
How delightful that you have a walkable neighborhood and can get out in the mornings!!
Pallas said…
Colorado is very pretty, and just look at those snowy mountains.

I am finishing my PT this week after my hip replacement, and I've also been walking.

My surgeon said I would be able to do Zumba again - isn't it so much fun Laurie?

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